The Association has 5 different membership categories.

Pharmacy owners or managers may join as a "Store Member" which includes up to 5 other pharmacist/student employees or individually under the "Owner/Manager" membership category. Members in this category are eligible for the Association's fax broadcast service and can have their pharmacy advertised on the MIPA web site as a MIPA member pharmacy (see pharmacy search on the MIPA web site) in addition to the variety of services provided to other members.

Pharmacists who are currently working as a pharmacist should apply under the "Employee" category while those who are not currently working as a pharmacist may apply under the "Retiree" category. Individuals who are not pharmacists but wish to join the Association can apply under the "Supportive Member" category. Pharmacy students are eligible to join under the student membership as long as they will be full-time students for the next 6 months. Members in these categories receive the monthly MIPA newsletter (published 11 times per year), email broadcast service, as well as a variety of other benefits.